IJAEST Call for Papers November 2011

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IJAEST welcomes manuscript from researchers, engineers and research scholars in engineering science and applications from around the world to publish a high quality, and peer-reviewed manuscripts. Papers selected for publication in the peer review IJAEST rigorous to ensure the originality, timeliness, relevance and readability. The goal of IJAEST is to publish peer research articles and the rapidly developing field of technical engineering and all other related technologies. IJAEST clearly defined objectives and assessment items for investigation experts keen on promote understanding of the state of the art and trends of application. IJAEST is intended to cover the latest developments in the field of outstanding technical engineering, science and all other technologies.

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Call for Papers IJAEST November 2011
Important Deadlines

Submissions Due October 31, 2011
Notification of Acceptance November 30, 2011
Publishing Date December 31, 2011

Peer Review Process

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Peer Review Process of IJAEST follows the following steps and gives status of paper Accepted/ Accepted with changes/ Rejected within 30-60 days.

Step 1: (Author)
Author submits his/her manuscript to IJAEST by mailing to [email protected]

Step 2: (Editor)
Editor in chief forward the article to appropriate reviewers related to that subject.

Step 3: (Reviewer)
Reviewer board will check the manuscript and give the status of the paper as following:

  1. Accepted
  2. Accepted with changes
  3. Rejected

Editor board gives this conformation to author by mail. If paper is accepted then editor will also give account detail for fees submission.

Step 4 : (Author)
If paper is accepted then Author will require to send the final manuscript formatted according to IJAEST format.

Author will send scan copy of copy right form (format can download by the website) by mail to editor.

Step 5: (Publisher)

Publisher will publish the accepted paper in next coming issue and give the information to author.

Call for Reviewers

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Since IJAEST is receiving amount of visitors looking for submissions of the journal, IJAEST is looking for reviewers to help the Editorial Review Board to select high-quality scientific papers published.

Academically qualified professionals (who have a proven publication record), and highly qualified reviewers (who have vast experience in the application of management theory and practice, and an understanding of the scientific review process, but no history of a publication).

Technical experts, computer scientists, professors, research scientists are welcome to join the IJAEST, as members of the international advisory board or a reviewer. IJAEST recognizes the value and importance of the peer reviewer of the entire publication process is not only in shaping the individual manuscript, but also in shaping the credibility and reputation of the journal. IJAEST committed to the timely publication of all credible scientifically based manuscripts submitted for publication. As such, identification and selection of visitors who have expertise and interest in topics relevant to all manuscripts are essential elements to ensure a timely and efficient peer review process.

Generally, reviewers are asked to return their comments within five days. Reviews should be constructive and provide feedback to the authors.

Reviewers Application format

Applying for Reviewer of IJAEST involves simple Process.

Send your CV with the following details which allowing us to better access your areas of interest and expertise. After reviewing your CV, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please dont forget to mention the Area of Interest.

S. No Details
Please include the following details while sending your CV to us
1 Full Name
2 E-Mail Id
3 Your Latest Photograph
4 Educational Qualification in Chronological order
5 No. of National Conferences Attended
6 No. of International Conferences Attended
7 No. of National Journals Published
8 No. of International Journals Published
9 No. of Seminars Participated
10 No. of Workshops Participated
11 Area of Interests / Expertise / Specialization
12 Any other Achievements
13 Mobile Number
14 Country
15 State

Send E-mail with the above details with your updated CV to [email protected]